Agricultural Polythene

Sri Kumaran

Agricultural Polythene Sheets, Rolls and Bags

Sri Kumaran Polypacks , Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; we are the manufacturers and suppliers of high grade Agricultural Polythene Sheets, Rolls and Bags and offer our Grow Bags and Nursery Bags to our clients at best price range.



Grow Bags

These new generation coir peat/coco pith grow bags are popular mediums for green houses soil less growing system.this is 100% environmentally frindly products …..

Nursery Bags

Nursery bags are classic LDPE (bio degradable/oxo-degradable) bags available at various sizes with punch holes for the plants to inhale…..


We are offering wide range of Polythene Packaging Materials, Polythene Sheets, Film and Rolls.