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Some Highlights of our products :

  • Increased protection
  • Highly Adaptable and durable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily flexible and rigid
  • Easily recyclable

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Leading Manufacturers of High-Grade Polythene Packing Materials :

Welcome to Sri Kumaran Polypacks, a leading manufacturer and suppliers of high grade polythene packing materials. Founded in the year 2009 at Coimbatore, we are supplying our products across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and South India while offering assorted range of packaging options in the market. We boast an incredible record due to more consistent dealing and our ability to meet the increasing demand for the materials in short time and expected budget.

As the leading polythene packing material manufacturers and suppliers in Coimbatore we are steadfast in its support to offer quality line products that breaks customer expectations with skilled labor and latest technology. We now manufacture and supply a range of products including agricultural grow bags,and other agro-essential packing’s that’s essential in the growing market. Our products comes with various advantages such as the better handling and disposal, good visual appeal, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. We make every effort to adapt different packaging solutions to cater to the varied requirements of customers. Owing to multiple advantages our products have a strong demand in the market across industries.



At Sri Kumaran Polypacks, we are committed to provide quality products which are a notch above to the consumer expectations , with skilled labour and timely upgradation of technology.

We thrive to achieve excellence in quality and standards of our products