Food Packing Cover

To store or pack the food, we produce Food Grade Poly Covers which can be printed and customized according to their use in various sectors i.e. Grocery, Vegetables, Meat Packing, Fish packaging, etc. We meet the varied requirements of our clients by supplying our products across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and South India.

The choice of packaging for foods produced in Samoa depends very much on the nature of food. Foods are complex mixtures of chemicals that include water, fats, sugars, complex carbohydrates (starches and fibre) protein, minerals and vitamins and many other organic chemicals. The composition varies in each food and gives the food its major characteristics. Fruits for example are largely composed of water, sugars, fibre small amounts of protein and vitamins and minerals. Meats are composed of proteins, variable amounts of fat, water, some minerals and vitamins with little carbohydrate. The composition of each food determines how well it withstands attack by bacteria, moulds, viruses.